Finding​/​Fading EP

by U Nu

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Second major release from U Nu. A combination of original works, covers, and adaptations.


released February 11, 2012

Artist to be recognized: Furry Things, Black Keys, Widowspeak, and Dufus (Seth Faergolzia). Thank you for your unwitting contributions to this album.




U Nu Chicago, Illinois

U Nu is an fledgling project created at long last by Josh Brechner in Chicago.

Josh says: If you are interested in the music I am making, by all means download it for free! That alone is a honor.

If you find yourself listening to my music often my biggest hope would be that you share it with the people around you.
Thank you for coming to this page. Can I get you a coffee?

U Nu :: [oo•noo]
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Track Name: Find ___ You
Trying to find someone like.
Track Name: Distant Star
Inside, outside, and sideways
There’s a mountain behind the haze
I’m fading out like a Distant Star
I don’t know where, but somewhere far

I’m fading like, like the haze

I wonder why don’t you follow me?
My only source of clarity
I’m fading out like a Distant Star
I wonder where, I wonder how
I wonder why the people sing
I wonder if that bell will ring
For whom does it toll?
I was never told.
Where’s your stop on the rail

Distant Star

Somewhere out, somewhere in
Across space, it begins
Isn’t life just a gas?
It’s a breeze, it’s a cake
Walk in space, oh I’m gonna find
What I left behind
In and out, out and in
Let it go, and let’s begin

I feel your distant stare on me
I don’t know why, I don’t know how
I’m fading out like a Distant Star
I wonder where, where you are.

Lyrics by U Nu
Track Name: Limbs
Lyrics by Widowspeak
Track Name: LayDownFlat
Lyrics by Dufus.
Track Name: Everlasting Light
Lyrics by The Black Keys.