Summer of Rain

by U Nu

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Summer of Rain is an album composed just by one person during the particularly wet summer months of 2011 in the city of Chicago.

The full album download includes the bonus track, "Hello World", featured in U Nu's first promotional video:


released November 15, 2011

Although this album was conceived, recorded, performed, produced, mixed, and mastered by Josh Brechner, he remains highly indebted to everyone who inspired and influenced him to work on this project.

There are too many people to thank, but my family, my friends, and you, the listener, deserve my deepest gratitude. Thank you for listening.

~Josh Brechner!/JoshuaBrechner

Cover art also by Josh Brechner




U Nu Chicago, Illinois

U Nu is an fledgling project created at long last by Josh Brechner in Chicago.

Josh says: If you are interested in the music I am making, by all means download it for free! That alone is a honor.

If you find yourself listening to my music often my biggest hope would be that you share it with the people around you.
Thank you for coming to this page. Can I get you a coffee?

U Nu :: [oo•noo]
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Track Name: Little World
She’s in her little made up world
She don’t know

She’s in her little hide out world
She don’t know

And I don’t wanna see
That she is just like me
Can’t you see me inside her world?
Oh I can
Track Name: Grey
A man stands in a hallway looking at a photograph of an Edward Gorey drawing. He senses a presence in the air but he cannot see it. He feels a soft tendril floating beside him but he cannot touch it. He hears the muted glow of a television coming from the parlor room, but he cannot for the life of him imagine who could be watching the images at this hour.

A pin drops.

They said “Hey, hey, hey”
I said, “Wait, wait, wait.”
There’s no reason
Must stay
In this
Of Grey

A boy sits on the cold marble pew in the back row of a steel-framed chapel. The people around him are murmuring without parting their lips. He can see the unison words drifting upwards towards the concrete roof, but he can’t quite decipher what they’re saying. The small misaligned fricatives pop in disunion like distant firecrackers, turning the holy into human. These small sounds and sighs bounce turbulently off of the slate walls rolling towards the boy’s ears like a gathering thunderstorm.

The university student lays on his bed in the fetid mess of the night before. Crusts, crumbs and other discarded objects float with him in the disarray. His unblinking eyes stare upward looking past the ceiling fan, through the drywall and into the asbestos filled crawlspace above him. An album spins slowly in the corner, drone music spiraling ever downward, drilling deeper and duller with each revolution.

A woman sits at the foot of her bed staring at a blank computer screen. From a distance, she vaguely senses that her feet are cold, but the thought doesn’t seem make it from her brain to her hand to her slippers which lay just a few feet away. Slowly turning her head to look outside, the white horizonless sky meets her gaze with a stare as blank as the computer in front of her.

Fourteen feet up a body is leveraging itself through the picture window and over the cast-iron railing. The sound it makes passing the woman’s apartment is the first thing to break the silence in weeks
Track Name: Hurricane
I am a hurricane
I tear down houses in your name
But rest your weary head
Cause you ain't seen nothing yet

Stay with me tonight my dear
Tomorrow we'll be clearing our path home

We’re gonna hydroplane
And say fuck the goddam brakes
Come away with me
We’ll float out to the sea

Sit on back and let the gears go
On this highway reckless and alone

Swell, that’s the name for me
Cause I swell up from the sea
And crash on down below
This tidal wave’s got a hard time saying no

No urban infrastructure will stop me
From ripping up the world whole

I will whip with winds that make you
Wince while washing both the world
And my mind lays in your hands till the
Sands rise up and swallow us both
Together and alone we will face
Water, water, water, water, water
In everything we know

Ahead you can see the sun,
But we got lots to do before we’re done
Track Name: Ocean Under Lakeshore Drive
I sailed across the seven seas
To a faraway land where no one sees.
They stare out through their mind’s eye
They don’t see the world, and they don’t ask why

Now I
I Don’t
To Be

I see the world and the world sees me
I know that one and one and one make three
So when you tell me how I should be
I want to have nothing to do with you

So I wont let you use myself
I just want to be free

Something I try to remind myself
Out there I know there will be somebody else
Please tell me the part that you don’t understand
When I say that I don’t give a damn, listen:

These are the things that I have on my mind
Little things that happen all the time
You’re just as blind as those who cannot see
Therefore I see no place for you with me

Now I don't want to solve your problems; I don't want to be liable
Track Name: The Orchard Row / Ellipsis
I’ll follow you to where you belong
Where you belong
I’ve always been waiting
To hear your song,
A simple song
Where have you been you hiding it?
I’ll follow you, follow you.

I will become your ebb and flow
Your ebb and flow
Just tell me the reason why you go
To where you go
That orchard row
What are you hiding there?
I’ll follow you, follow you

I will always follow you.
Track Name: XXX
There is a man
Who sits up above the crowds
He sees you
He feels you
He knows what you’re seeking

I don’t wanna leave here
If you’re not here with me
So come now, let’s go together
And be happy forever


I wouldn’t mind
Speaking in the Devil’s tongue
So I could steal you from
Those who would do you harm

So far, I’ve come to terms with
The XXX on your face
Take my hand and come to the place
Where you desire to be

I will always stay with you
As long as you want me to
So come now, let’s go together
And be happy forever
Track Name: July23 or This is the End
I don't want to think about it.