Yee Da Dee [MicroMixtape]

by U Nu

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This MicroMixtape was created through a sample challenge. 10 songs were chosen at random, chopped up, rearranged, and put back together. None of the samples were pitched.

Please download the mixtape for free and share with anyone. Next Tuesday, November 15th, I will release my first full-length album called "Summer of Rain" - an all original work featuring both electronic and organic recordings.


Josh says:

I cannot thank you enough for your support. Nothing is more exciting to me than finally getting to share my music with other people. I would love feedback about my music via Twitter or Facebook. If you enjoy my music, the biggest compliment you could give me would be to share it with a friend. Thanks.


released November 8, 2011
Composed and Edited by Josh Brechner. Cover by Josh Brechner with photo by Sam Mitchell.

Mastering by Andrew Allen.




U Nu Chicago, Illinois

U Nu is an fledgling project created at long last by Josh Brechner in Chicago.

Josh says: If you are interested in the music I am making, by all means download it for free! That alone is a honor.

If you find yourself listening to my music often my biggest hope would be that you share it with the people around you.
Thank you for coming to this page. Can I get you a coffee?

U Nu :: [oo•noo]
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